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In the 24-7 continuous ongoing economy, we believe that there is an essential need for personal Freedom. Freedom to be flexible, to make your own choices, have fun, go offline if desired, make room for things that matter in life but also sustain and extend material benefits.

Our journey towards Capital Freedom, for ourselves and our partners, is based on our core values: Heart, Focus, and Drive. We operate from a flexible and low risk vision & work with the best inspiring and trustworthy partners with matching values. Heart & Success go hand in hand, as we strive for being the best we can be, above striving for mere revenue growth.

We realize Capital Freedom by focusing on the acquisition & keen management of low risk real estate investments in the city we love. Besides a steady income stream from rental returns, we undertake highly inspiring and creative (real-estate) investment projects with a BIG added value for the city.

We are a boutique investment company in down-town Rotterdam. We are skilled in finding and valuing the best housing investments in town, and when an opportunity arises realize Unique High Value Add projects. More than 60 years of entrepreneurship, over 10 years of real-estate experience, a great track record, and a humble and passionate team, provides as solid backbone for the days to come.



  • Real-estate investments from 1-30 mln.
  • Housing oriented or within city limits
  • Preferably < 60% rented
  • Highly creative investment opportunities
  • BIG value add
  • Unique propositions
  • Rotterdam focussed


  • Dedicated
  • Positive & Playful
  • Heart
  • Always as a Team
  • Authentic
  • Freedom
  • Sleeverollers4life


  • Rotterdam Entrepeneurs since late 40's
  • Main real-estate focus since 2008
  • Over 150 houses via transformation realized
  • Over 50 new-built homes realized
  • Over 45 milion of investments acquired since 2014
  • 100% of all investment returns > budget

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